Telehealth: The Need for Common Understanding

COVID-19 has made significant changes to businesses and industries across the globe. Naturally, the pandemic’s impact made its way into the healthcare space, accelerating the forced adoption of telehealth medicine by medical professionals, regardless of if they were ready for this kind of solution. Although the concept of telehealth seems fairly straightforward, many medical professionals…
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Health in the co-RONA 20s

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized how we think about medicine in a matter of six short months. Due to social distancing measures, digital patient care – a phenomenon most popularly known now as telehealth – has become a large-scale method for healthcare professionals to provide care for their patients while effectively decreasing the risk of…
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Way To Goal Business Insights Releases Latest Study: Perfectly Virtual: Telehealth for COVID-19 and Beyond

Phoenix, Arizona — Way to Goal Business Insights announces the release of their latest study Perfectly Virtual: Telehealth for COVID-19 and Beyond, an in-depth study with multi-specialty U.S. physicians on the attitudes and adoption practices of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by President and CEO, Doreen Amatelli-Clark, Way to Goal conducted a qualitative research…
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Review of Notability for iOS

For those of us who do qualitative market research, note taking is critical. We all have our habits, but I am continuously looking for ways to improve the quality and potentially save some time on the back-end doing analysis. Every year or so, I like to embrace my “geekiness” and do my own tech research to find…
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