Who We Are

Way to Goal is a healthcare business insights consulting firm, uniquely serving pharmaceutical, telehealth/healthcare IT, and wellness industries. Founded by visionary Doreen Amatelli-Clark in 2004, the Way to Goal team is distinguished by our unique breadth of experience totaling nearly 30 years, and our expertise in leading both qualitative and quantitative research in the healthcare space. Our insights provide marketing teams with an accurate perspective on current competing technologies and products in the healthcare market, allowing them to make the best decisions for their product.



To quote a Way to Goal team member…

What Way to Goal does is rare and in high demand. That combination of skill and rarity is what drives our success.

Company History

Through Doreen’s history and expertise in both the corporate and agency healthcare market research industries, she was inspired to launch her own firm to help companies in the market make knowledge-based decisions.

Way to Goal’s initial success was driven by her already commanding presence in the market research space and her strong relationships with notable industry players. She has continued to lead Way to Goal since its launch.

The present team brings over 30 cumulative years of experience to the craft. The team is known for their established positions in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and expanding telehealth industries.

Meet the Team

Doreen Amatelli-Clark (MBA) CEO and Owner

Doreen helps marketing organizations find their way toward the path of success by assisting them in making the most effective business...

Salma Kemmou (MBA) Director of Market Research

Salma Kemmou is currently the Director of Market Research and Moderator at Way to Goal Business Insights. Over the last five years, she has applied her...

Neha Varma (BS) Behavioral Science Analyst

Neha is a Behavioral Science Analyst at Way To Goal, LLC with over nine years of wet lab research experience and three years of clinical research...

Smita Sahay (M.D./Ph.D.) Market Research Analyst

Smita is a Market Research Analyst at Way to Goal, LLC with over six years of research experience. Much of her past research has involved...