Full Service Market Research

At Way to Goal, we provide companies with action-ready solutions to your key business questions so you can develop, commercialize, and maximize your product. Through carefully conducted market research, we uncover meaningful insights into your customer’s underlying motivations, mindsets, and intended behaviors so you can make well-informed decisions for your product. Whether your business is pharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostic, or healthcare IT, our expertise and dedication to success is assured.

How We Can Help

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    Product and Service Innovation

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    Marketing and Business Decisions

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    Brand Development and Management

  • communications-icon
    Communications Testing

  • customer-experience-icon
    Customer Experience Optimization

Areas Of The Product Lifecycle Where We Can
Be Of Assistance:

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    Product Development

    • Product development guidance and clinical trial design testing
    • Assess market opportunity of your target product profile (TPP)
    • Evaluate brand attributes on rates of adoption

  • ic-launch-planning
    Launch Planning

    • Positioning, message and concept testing
    • Drivers and barriers to purchase/prescribing
    • Practice logistics
    • Patient support programs
    • Buying process
    • Patient journey / ethnography
    • Persona development
    • Payer acceptance

  • ic-brand-product
    Brand/Product Management

    • Label expansions and reformulation
    • Satisfaction, perception, and other performance tracking
    • Sales force and detailing effectiveness

To learn more, explore our full service market research process below.

Our Process



Research Scope

We kick-off each study by establishing clear business objectives, the foundation of every successful study. We believe whole-heartedly in keeping the bottom-line impact of the research on your business, throughout each stage of the project. Once acquainted with the business objectives, we outline the project scope, research approach, sample, and timeline. Whether we use an in-depth interviewing style or online surveys, we take great care to fully understand your key business questions, first and foremost.



Study Preparation

Next, we draft materials needed to drive the study including screening questionnaires, discussion guides, and surveys. There is an art to writing good unbiased questions to uncover clear, actionable answers. We craft the right questions to solicit a deep understanding of customer attitudes, perceptions, behaviors and obtain the underlying why’s behind the answers.


Data Gathering

Once the design, scope and materials are agreed upon, implementation begins. This can take many different forms depending on the nature of the study:

  • One-on-one interviews (telephone, video, face-to-face)
  • Online panel discussions
  • Online surveys
  • Skillfully moderated focus groups

We use a variety of exercises to tease raw data from interview subjects.



Data Gathering


Action-Ready Insights

At this stage, we analyze the data collected. Our ultimate objective is to distill activation-ready insights that you can immediately implement. To do so, we meticulously review the data gathered, using our decades of expertise to detect meaningful patterns as they relate to the questions we framed at the outset of the study. Finally, we present our findings in a polished report.


Business Impact

Lastly, our clients incorporate our insights into their sales, marketing, and product development strategies. We consult with our clients on how best to apply these findings, which results in more informed product launches and stronger, more resonant marketing tactics.




Who Is Best Suited To Full Service?

Up to 90% of our clients opt for full service. In the case that you are seeking assistance with your studies, then our tailored offerings below may suit you best.

Tailored Market Research

Our tailored services are a useful option for marketing, market research, healthcare or pharmaceutical companies that need to allocate their resources elsewhere. Way to Goal can help take the load off your team’s shoulders.

Choose from a selection of itemized offerings that seamlessly plug into your existing market research plan:

Written Materials

If you need support with building the questions and scripts that will drive your study, you can leverage Way to Goal’s expertise with drafting the following materials:

  • Screeners
  • Discussion guides
  • Moderator scripts
  • Online survey questionnaire

Moderating Services

We have extensive experience moderating in-depth interviews and focus groups. Highly-skilled at administering professional exercises needed to conduct healthcare research.

Analysis & Insight Services

If you have already conducted the research and are struggling to find critical insights or put together your reports, Way to Goal can be an incredible asset.