Consulting services for your business

 Are You a Small Business Owner or Solo-Entrepreneur Who...

  • Works extremely hard every day but still lacks desired results ?
  • Wants to know how to find more customers ?
  • Believes in your product or service but want to learn best practices to make your business truly successful ?

Way to Goal, LLC
Helping small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs learn how to grow businesses that thrive! 

Every year, over a million Americans share the dream of starting a business.   Yet, for every 10 new businesses, 4 will be "out of business" by the end of the first year!   Within 5 years, 8 will have failed! (Statistics from the Department of Commerce)

Starting and excelling as a small business owner or entrepreneur can be daunting. As your business coach, we can address issues related self-employment. Together we will:

  • Explore various small business ideas and identify which is the best meets your specific needs and passions.
  • Formalize your small business idea into a motivating plan of action.
  • Create a marketing plan that drives business to you.
  • Learn how to network effectively.
  • Establish a highly productive environment to enjoy a balance between your professional and personal lives.

Whether you are looking to start a side business, thinking of becoming your own boss or want to improve your own small business, why not increase your chances of business success?!

Take a look around this site to learn of the cutting-edge, practical tools for starting and growing your successful small business.

Marketing and Business Planning With Ease 
Are you unclear about the direction of your small business? Do you need to organize all of your marketing and business goals? Small business owners and entrepreneurs who are clear on the strategy and plan of action are apt to be more successful.

DIY Market Research Program for your Small Business
Do you want to learn how to conduct your own market research for your small business? Learn the critical elements of market research including developing simple surveys, interviewing customers, analyzing results, learning economical ways of doing research.  
The "I HATE Selling Myself" Networking Program
Do you struggle with networking, talking about your business to others, promoting yourself and your products or services? If you are a small business owner or service professional, this program will help you learn the important soft skills necessary to effectively communicate who you are and what you do with ease.